The Dark Side Of A Developer

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Mozilla grows up to 50 millions of downloads. Today the number of downloads of mozilla get 50.000.000 millions.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Google maps on satellite.

Google maps now includes satellite taken images. wow it is great. Here I show a few captures of google maps using only maps and the satellite view.

The same view but now with the satellite.

If we want search for the Ellis Island, we will see the following thing:

(On map)

(with the satellite)

... preyty, my Master!

Exalead, an interesting new search engine.

Exalead TM is a frensh search engine that looks so pretty. The results are categorized by categories,locations and classificated by type of file (pdf, html, etc.) We get a list of related categories about our search results and we can search in audio and video. we will ear about this french search engine in the future...

This is an example of search results for U2:

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Where I can find Java APIs?

Docjar is a Java APIs search engine powered by Google, that allows the user, search classes, methods, etc..., from thousands of Java APIs from the Eclipse IDE.

... it rocks!, My Master!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

The radio on your Blog. is the first stand-alone player to let us stream sound on our website. Now we can stream our favorites Podcasts using This is an interesting way of personalize our blog.

...enjoy it, my Master!

Gmail is big, bigger, The biggest !!!

This morning I was surprised when I saw the free size of my gmail account. Wow 2 GB !!!!. Where this crazy run of biggest email accounts ends? In a short future the human beings will have email accounts of hundreds or thousands of GB. Will this fact be the end of the local storage disks of our pc s? Who wants buy a big disk if we will can use free storage units that will be used from anywhere where we can have an internet connection?

...Wow, my Master!