The Dark Side Of A Developer

Monday, February 14, 2005

PeraPc, a powerful tool for emulating macintosh

This are some screenshot of my Mac Os X emulation over PearPC ... Wow, now I can surfing the web using a mac... it's great :)

... Dark side of a developer viwed over Safari web Browser... yeah! ....

... well, I just finish of installing and configurating my Mac Os X, following steps will be make my Hello world example program in Java and Xcode Tools

.... yes, My Master!

Where are weapons of mass destruction???

At Delaware Indian Tribal Headquarters we can find WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION that George W. Bush (who was rejected from the dark side by being bad,.... toooooo bad), could not find in Irak.

... perhaps, Google knows top secret info? ... or it is a simple coincidence?

.... I don't know, My Master!, but weapons of mass destruction have not been founf yet..

Friday, February 11, 2005

What is 3 of 398.000 ?

3 of 398.000 is the position of my blog at Yahoo results list when we search for "Dark side of a developer". This afternoon, I was searching my blog at differents search engine when I found my it in Yahoo... third of 398,000 ... Wow !!!

" Googled or not Googled, that is the question ... "

I will find my blog in Google someday?

... I hope, My Master!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Stop the Rolex Spam !!!

Today at office I recived a lot of spam to buy Rolex..... I no want any Rolex !!!!

So I Think how can I stop this Rolex spam on my mailbox?

1rst. Open a rolex span mail.

2nd. In Outlook (I use Outlook ) do right click and select source code.

-The code will be seen as follows:

<HTML><HEAD><META></HEAD><body><ADDRESS><A HREF=" SRC="cid:870245775413868826" border=0></A></ADDRESS><br><br><A HREF=" on In and Select a Rolex for you. [rotunda]</A></body></html>

3rd We must to surf to, and we will access to a form for unregister our email address from the spam.

This is a temporary solution. Other solution is that we configure in our Outlook filters for all the emails with the "Rolex" word as subject.

.... yes, My Master!

Purposes for this weekend !!!

I purposed myself that following weekend I will try to do:

-My first application in C#
-My first application for Mac Os X (In Java, of course I won't have time to learn Object-C)
-Try to know how play to HL2 ( Half Life 2 ) in deathmatch mode whitout running the annoying Steam

Well If anyone wants help me, he only must post his mail and I contact with him....

PD: Cool skins for Windows Media ;)

.... yes, My Master!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Gmail has given to me 50 invitations !!!

Gmail has given to me 50 invitations for Gmail, I have spent single one, if anyone wants an invitation that post a comment in this blog saying me where send to him the invitation.

... yes, My Master!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

What happens with Google Spain, today?

Something is changing at Google Spain. At 0:35 minutes I Browsed Google Spain and I found this:

There is a mixture of languages, between spanish, català, portuguese and others ....

Is google testing new tools for detecting users language, it is a simple error ,or is Google testing its personalized search?

At 0:46 minutes Google Spain is already right, what was happening? I think that Google Spain is testing some tool for detecting or redirect the user from to his local google detecting the language used by the user.

Well, it seems to be that google is testing something with its domain address, now when we browse, we are redirected to, but in ower browser the url still points to and in the main page appears "Ir a Google España"

Well, if anybody wants explain me what has happened? I will be thankful!

... yes, My Master!