The Dark Side Of A Developer

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Today, one of my dreams has been made reality.

Today, one of my dreams has been made reality. I have been able to install Mac OS X into my PC. How? All thanks to PearPc, a virtual PC for the Power PC architechture.

In Europe, many people use PC's, as for example me. PC users only can make two things... see Power PC's at store and say... "I would like to have one of this" or buy one for testing. Cheapest way is PearPc, we only must buy the Mac OS X Operative System and we will ready to enjoy a computer from the company of the little apple.

Next step, is create my first application for Mac :)

... yes, My Master!

Friday, January 28, 2005

Auschwitz never more !!!

To forget is to repeat history
We do not have to forget our errors not to commit them in the future.
"27 of January,
Day in Memory of the Holocaust and prevention of Crimes against the Humanity"
Auschwitz never more !!!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

David, you are a Master !!!!

Last Tuesday, I went to the coference "Aplications for Smart Clients in .NET" at the UPV (University Polytechnical of Valencia - Spain). This conference as carried out by David Salgado, David is MVP from Microsoft in C# and he is a "crack" in .NET.

David talk to us about:

Smart Documents in Office 2003 and .NET,
Smart Clients and
Compact Framework.

The session was very funny with online examples with the "vi editor".

Thanks David!!!

...yes, my Master!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Jar Jar, where are you?

Sometime we want to create a JAR (Java ARchive file), may be of interest to know what is the JAR file that contains an specific class defenition at runtime. To know what is this JAR file, we must do the next:

try {

String myClassName = "";
String myJarName="";

myClassName=.replace('.', /');

Class myClass=My_Instance_Of_A_Class.getClass();

int index=myJarName.lastIndexOf(":")-1;
int indexExclam=myJarName.indexOf("!");


} catch (Exception ex) {
/*There has been an error*/

... yes, my Master!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Their Java, Your Java, Its Java, Her Java, His Java, Your Java and My Java Server !!!

MyJavaServer is a new space where all developers that want to test their web applications made on java technology can do it!

MyJavaServer is free and is supported by, Java developers can test many type of API's and frameworks... It is a great site!, the only disadvantage is that your disk quota is only 5 MB.

.... yes, my Master!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Today 16th of January of 2005, A new kind of developers has been born. They are called DsD or Dark Side Developers....

A DsD is a software developer that wants to reveal itself against the idea that nowadays there is of the computer science ones. For a DsD, a computer science one is not that one that has made a short course by email or by catalog.... The intention of the DsD's is to comment new advances of the technology and new ideas that can be usefull for others developers...

"Before to use the force, is necessary to create it..."