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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Playing with PDF's

Last day I discovered 2 tricks, for playing with the acrobat PDF files.
when we open a PDF File from a URL, we can send parameters to the PDF plugin for doing specific actions like open the current pdf pointed in a specific page or with the search console open.

The available parameter for open a PDF are these:

  • nameddest=name : Specifies the named destination in the PDF. Usefull to open chapters.

  • page=pagenum : Open the PDF in the pagenum provided.

  • comment=commentID : Specifies a comment on a given page in the PDF. Use the page command before this command; for example: #page=1&comment=452fde0e-fd22-457c-84aa-2cf5bed5a349
  • pagemode=[bookmarks, thumbs, none (default)] : Displays bookmarks or thumbnails.
  • search=wordList: Search a space separeted words list

Example of usage:,page=10

UPDATED: follow the reference for more information


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